A successful strategy requires a harmonized link between sales and marketing. AISA specializes in creating a custom tailored strategy for each real estate project, ensuring a unique story is told. Strategies that are clear, concise, and creative are the backbone of a successful plan while echoing your brand and your company. Thorough statistics allow for a clear metric of progress, ensuring an efficient and successful campaign.


Our team’s creative power positions projects not as an object or commodity, but as a lifestyle. By encapsulating the spirit of its surroundings as well as the project’s core concepts, we are able to devise a powerful brand and identity for your project.


Utilizing the unique branding and narrative of your project created by our team, we will formulate the best way to introduce your project to the market, maximizing impact and execution.


AISA has successfully completed and sold Canada’s highest price per square foot project at its time, the Residences at Trump Vancouver, illustrating an ability to go above and beyond the clients’ expectations. We offer an in depth understanding of what is required in a successful marketing plan, collaborating both our sales and marketing team to ensure the project narrative is successfully conveyed. Our team believes that it is the details that make all the difference.