As the representative and face of you and your project, we represent a high level of responsibility. As such, we take every concern and issue with the utmost amount of care and attention to detail. Our client care team will take the time to carefully review and clarify any questions or concerns clients may have, thus offering a peace of mind. From completion contract execution to aftercare rental property management, we are always available in order to provide you and your clients a first class experience.


At AISA, every detail is treated with scrutiny and with care. The contractual process will always be clearly processed and delivered to all parties, ensuring no mishaps occur. Our team is always ready for any clarifications and explanations required.


Placing value and emphasis with communications, open dialogues are offered in both English and Mandarin. Every situation allows us to properly connect and build relationships with the clients and your team, while rectifying issues when they occur, ensuring top-notch service. By placing emphasis on empathy and on service, we offer the best experience at all times.


Presenting clients’ with their dream home is no easy feat, especially in a large volume while in a timely manner. At AISA, we create a streamlined process for the homebuyer while prioritizing service and satisfaction. Questions and concerns are quickly rectified with the highest regard and our team is always ready to tackle any issues. Waiting inside their new home is a carefully curated gift, illustrating appreciation for their continuous support. AISA can also provide clients with post completion services such as our renowned first class rental property management services.