AISA is a forerunner in the luxury presale market, achieving the highest average price per square foot in Canada at the time for the Residences at Trump Vancouver. Our incredible grit and market knowhow allow us to achieve unprecedented results for our clients. AISA’s core value is aligning its goals with that of its clients’, while creating real value in real estate.


Highlighting and emphasizing your development strengths while understanding the environment you operate in, our team takes a holistic approach in investigation and understanding the external data including but not limited to market trends, absorption rate, and pricing. With an in depth investigation into universal trends as well as historic and projected transaction value, we bring a full competitive advantage for the developer we work with.


Conceptualizing and designing a project requires the careful calibration of numerous factors. Upon determining the location and siting, we work alongside industry professionals and veterans with our market knowhow to create a carefully crafted project canvas to define the target market, ultimately determining the aesthetic and mix of the project in which we will achieve unprecedented sales results.


Our expertise in pricing allows us to set the benchmark in every segment of the market. By reviewing comparables and creating evaluative forecasts, our team is trained to provide maximum value and return for our client’ goals and objectives. AISA’s abilities in maximizing clients’ values set a new gold standard for real estate.